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Kathleen Cecilia Nesbitt  

Kathleen Cecilia Nesbitt received her BA in fiction and poetry writing and photography from Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois. She received her MA in Transformative Language Arts, and her MFA in Writing, from Goddard College in Vermont. Kathleen’s MA in Transformative Language Arts included developing a writing model that approaches human development on personal, spiritual, and universal levels – Writing from the Chakras. Her novel, “Sentencing Silence” is the result of her MFA creative thesis.


Kathleen’s poetry and fiction have been published in No Exit, Big City Lit, 20 Pounds of Headlights, Mojave River Review, Threads, Dagda, Dead Beats, and Whiskey Island Review. 


After publication of “Sentencing Silence,” Kathleen took a brief hiatus to move back to her home town Chicago. Embracing her love of narrative, art, and photography she began focusing on collage as a means of telling stories. 




Collage Artists of America - Interplay, “Koyaanisqatsi III”, CA/2024


Las Laguna Art Gallery - Botanical 2024, “Roe Overturned”, CA/2024


Las Laguna Art Gallery - The Second Half, “Leaving East Palestine, Ohio”, CA/2024

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