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Kathleen Cecilia Nesbitt  received her BA in photography, and fiction and poetry writing from Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois.

She received her MA in Transformative Language Arts and her MFA in Writing from Goddard College in Vermont. Kathleen’s MA in Transformative Language Arts included developing a writing model that approaches human development on personal, spiritual, and universal levels – Writing from the Chakras. Her novel, “Sentencing Silence” is the result of her MFA creative thesis.

Kathleen also holds a Certification from Amherst Writers and Artists Institute and received a Certification in Poetry Therapy from the National Association for Poetry Therapy. She has worked assisting incest survivors, domestic abuse survivors, incarcerated women, homeless teen mothers, and veterans with PTSD break their silence through the healing power of the written word.

Kathleen Nesbitt’s poetry and fiction have appeared in No Exit, Big City Lit, 20 Pounds of Headlights, Mojave River Review, Threads, Dagda, Dead Beats, and Whiskey Island Review. Since the publication of her novel, “Sentencing Silence,” she has become focused on telling stories through her photography and collage work. Kathleen is a storyteller and a survivor.

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